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Confusing Volatility and Risk

You aren't smarter than the market. It really is that simple. The recent stock market crash has reminded many people that there is risk associated with buying stock. But that is really the wrong lesson for people to learn at this point. What the crash has shown is that the stock market is volatile, it will go up and down. But how much risk that creates depends on your investment horizon. If you plan to hold on to your stock for another ten years, then the recent crash has few consequences. The price in the current uncertain market says very little about the price you will get ten years from now when you sell the stock. In fact, the stock markets' hourly gyrations have very little import for most investors, regardless of their investment horizon. Volatility is relative. Monthly fluctuations have consequences for short term investors. The decline in market prices since July reminds us why we shouldn't own stock that we will need to sell in a couple months for our immediate li